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What do we do?

We help clients reduce pain so they can enjoy all the moments life has to offer. 

Tara helps women find natural remedies with botanicals to reduce the overuse of antibiotics and medications.

Our Pelvic Pow-HER class helps women reduce incontinence so they can feel strong and centered once again. 

What you will feel?

  • You will feel LESS PAIN & more strength with our private pilates sessions.
  • Your CORE will feel stronger with each barre class, from alignment and cues for PELVIC FLOOR strengthening & stretching.
  • Your "mummy tummy" will decrease from the correct  AB work with no curling or tucking.  
  • You will enjoy less incontinence with our monthly Pelvic Pow-HER workshop and specific cues in classes & privates. 

Who we are:

A group of passionate instructors who love to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals, with little to no pain.

"With her help the pain is gone and I have greater mobility than when we started!"- Rae-Anne
"Over the course of these sessions over a few months, while rigorously doing the exercises at home that she provided, my pain greatly diminished."-Greg

How we work?

We love knowing your most wildest health goal.  We start with a complimentary goal setting appointment and help guide you into the best exercise routine that fits your life style.  Its' unique, personalized and individualized.  We have packages that fit all price points.  Are you ready? Email us today to set up your complimentary session.

Why you will love us?

  • We set specific, attainable GOALS for each and every client- and ACHIEVE them!
  • We offer CUSTOMIZED, personalized packages for each price point. 

Your Community

  • A space for women of all ages to be and enjoy each other's company, & support each other in attaining our health goals.  
  • We offer women's groups and herbal remedies classes to cultivate your inner healing knowledge. 

Interested in learning more?

Sign up for our complimentary one-on-one Private goal setting appointment.  It takes 1 hour and we uncover your dream goals. Email Tara today:

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