Client Highlight- Douglas Richard


Before his session

Notice the left shoulder high and right hip high. 

What is the #1 Change you have felt since coming to Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness?

Greater awareness of positive body mechanics.

What changes have been unexpected?

Greater enjoyment of physical fitness training.

What do you love about Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness?

Tara's knowledge and professionalism.  

How would you describe your workout?

A positive location where you can improve/advance your overall well-being. 

What would you tell someone who is considering coming to the studio but is unsure?


Same day

In just one hour he is more balanced!

Try several sessions.  Do your homework {your assignment}.  There might be other, inexpensive practitioners, but you are paying for quality- do not hesitate on investing in your health. 

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