8 Tips for Feeling Satisfied with your food...

Feeling satisfied..

Have you ever eaten something and not felt satisfied? 

I remember as a young adult eating a box full of fat-free cookies in one sitting.  I remember craving for more.. looking for another box and feeling well ..agitated. In the 90's when "fat-free," "low-fat" was the craze my mom was all invested, our house was full of these items.  We now know these choices are not the healthiest for us. The fat in our foods help keep us full and yes satisfied. 

Over 30 years later, we now know good-quality fats keep our blood sugar steady and support brain and nervous system health and even your mood.

Every meal should have a serving of good quality fat- don't worry you will not gain weight! All oils should be cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO and ideally sold in a dark bottle to prevent oxidation.  
Look for

  • Avocado's & avocado oil 
  • Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Raw nuts- avoid roasted nuts and peanuts
  • Ghee
  • Omega 3's found in walnuts, fish oil, and salmon 
  • Coconut oil.  
  • By adding these healthy fats, you fill yourself up and feel satisfied.  

Some questions to ask yourself if you are not feeling satisfied?

  1. Am I eating whole foods?
    • Boxed foods are filled with sugar and chemicals to make us crave more. Yes, even if it is GLUTEN FREE organic!:) Stay away from all boxed items. 
  2. Do I have enough protein?
    • Protein provides the building blocks for all the structures in your body.  It keeps your blood sugar steady for about 2 hours after eating.  Look for non-GMO plant proteins, wild fish, and free-range, grass-fed, organically grown meats.  Also, RAW almond butter is pretty delicious too!
  3. Do I have enough healthy fat at each meal?
    • add one serving per meal. Add coconut oil, ghee, organic first cold pressed olive oil to each meal.  If you are hungry, try adding more fat first and then reach for the veggies to fill you up.  
  4. Do you like what you are eating?
    • Are you eating with others at the dining room table? Are you rushing to work or watching tv? Ideally,  we should take a few breaths before our meal and savor each bite.  Hard to do with twin toddlers for sure!
  5. Are you thirsty?
    • Strive for 8-9 glasses of water or herbal tea a day.  
  6. Are you tired?
    • When we are tired or anxious, we reach for sugar and salt as they "feed" us when we are in a stress response.  We crave them when we are empty emotionally and tired.  When we become more mindful we realize these cravings are because we are thirsty or just tired. Rest, and by adding adaptogens can help you recover faster.  Adaptogens are herbs that help us adapt around stress.  They are quite amazing!! Dr. Aviva Romm just came out with three blends that may help you if you are feeling tired and wired at 9 pm at night.  {They also help regulate blood sugar!}
  7. How is your digestion?
    • I found the questionnaire from Dr. Aviva Romm below very helpful.  If you are not hungry or your digestion is slow, a change of diet, herbs, and supplements may help.  Once digestion is good, you may feel satisfied once again!

Take the questionnaire below and let me know how you did. We can discuss it in your next health consultation. 

Warmly~ Tara Gregorio

Take the quiz!

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Tara Gregorio

Tara Gregorio, Owner, and Founder of Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness is a seasoned veteran with 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. A STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer, Tara has led thousands of teachers- in-training through the certification process. Tara’s knowledge of Pilates, movement, and health is both deep and varied. In addition to teaching instructor level, equipment-based classes, she teaches workshops on topics ranging from anatomy and special populations to athletic conditioning and injury.

Tara’s clientele seek her out for her expertise in pre- and postnatal fitness, breast cancer recovery, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and injury rehabilitation. Tara has a B.S. in Fitness Management and is ACE, Pink Ribbon, STOTT PILATES and 200-hr Living Yoga Certified.

A holistic health practitioner, Tara is also a herbalist and homeopath with over seven years experience and training. Tara develops her own natural remedies, which she features in her product line, TG Herbals. TG Herbals, founded in 2014, is a diverse and growing line of tinctures, bug sprays, salves, and herbal tea blends. A mother of active, three-year-old twins, Tara also specializes in remedies for teething, colic, diaper rash, mastitis, insomnia, pelvic floor incontinence, and diastasis recti.

 Tara makes her home in Cold Spring, New York. She accepts clients in her studio for fitness, injury rehabilitation, and herbal consultations.  

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