Frequently asked questions TG HERBALS

There are always concerns with trying new products, especially herbal products.  Here are some frequently asked questions with TG HERBAL products. 

How do you make the TG HERBAL Blends? 

Tara Gregorio, Community herbalist, purchases organic, fair trade herbs from or and blends them based on your needs. Tara uses recipes from other herbalists like Dr. Aviva Romm and Peeka Trenkle and also from her experience with using botanicals for over eight years.  

Some popular TG HERBALS blends are:

  • Kiddie Calm -to help children relax or ease into or out of a cold- Great for adults too!
  • Cool Down tea- to relieve hot flashes by sipping on it all day.
  • Dancing Damiana- to increase libido and relax your nervous system:)
  • Headache Ease- to reduce headaches {PMS or anytime really}

How do I make a cup of tea?

Take 1 tsp. {or more} to 1 cup of boiling water.  Cover and steep for 10-15 minutes.  Strain and add raw, local honey if you need.  

How do you make the personalized tinctures?

Personalized tinctures are purchased from or  I blend the different tinctures based on your personal needs and/or allergies.  Each tincture is certified and organic.  

How do I take the tinctures?

See this blog;

Where are you located?

We are located within Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness.  3590 Route 9, Suite 205, Cold Spring, NY 10516.


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