Wellness Consultation

How would it feel?

How would it feel to be pain-free? To be relaxed? To have less daily stress?

These are the types of goals we are setting together @ Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness.  It takes your commitment and time to achieve your wildest health goals- are you ready?

A Wellness Consultation is a complimentary one on one session with Tara Gregorio, Studio Owner or Cindy Merryman, Studio Manager.  We are inquiring about your diet, lifestyle, pains, injuries and ultimate health goals you have been trying to achieve for sometimes over 20 years.  

And yes.. clients are reaching their goals.  Sometimes in just three months!

There is no fee; we just need about an hour of your time to listen to your story and share what our studio can offer you to achieve your goals.  

How would your life change if you lost 30lbs.? If you didn't have to worry about neck pain anymore? If you could travel with ease? What would you do differently? What is your dream goal?

Please email me to set up your goal setting appointment today or submit the form below. 

Warmly~ Tara Gregorio

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