Trainer Highlight- Tara Gregorio

Tell us an Interesting fact about yourself?

In 2004, I rode my bike from Bear Mountain to Boston, MA alone.  Little did I know, I would move here years later.  


What has been your best training experience?

My posptartum rehabilitation.  After teaching pilates for over 13 years, I really didn't know how to heal my diastasis recti and pelvic floor until birthing my twins naturally! Now I know! 


What’s your best health/wellness advice?

Do something you love every single morning before you look at your phone, before you check email.  Get up and do that one thing every single day.


What is your biggest health/wellness vice?

Working too much!


What inspires you?

The outdoors.  I love biking, hiking, walking.. anything outside. 


What is your favorite thing to do outside of the studio?

I love making herbal medicine.  I spent Mother's day making five new tea blends.  I am passionnate about natural remedies for women.  

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