Postpartum Needs

Becoming a mother is the most challenging and rewarding gift of all.  I am in shock at the attention spent for all the prenatal care mother's receive and how little attention is given postpartum; when we need it the most.  Birthing my twins naturally and the experience of raising them has opened my eyes to the postpartum period and raw need for attention.  If you are seeking postpartum healing; you have come to the right place. 


Health Consultations

Herbs have been used for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and lactation for years.  There are natural remedies  for postpartum healing that are safe for you and your child.  After experiencing postpartum depression for 24 months {and studying herbs for over ten years now}, I found a group of botanicals called adaptogens.  They help you adapt around the extremely stressful times like the postpartum period; when sleep is hard to come by.  

Wellness Package includes:

  • 1 Private health consultation with community herbalist, Tara Gregorio.
  • 1 TG HERBAL tea based on your personal needs. 

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Pelvic Pow-HER Workshop

My  Pelvic Pow-HER workshop is great for pre and postnatal momma's.  You will learn how to lengthen your pelvic floor and strengthen it properly to reduce pelvic pain and incontinence.   I can test for you for diastasis recti (an abdominal separation) and make suggestions for healing your "mummy tummy." There are no planks or crunches in this workout, it is a safe, restorative workout that I still do four after having twins!


8-Week Core & Pelvic Floor

I developed the 8-Week Core & Pelvic floor private workout to help clients reduce incontinence and heal their pelvic floor.  Whether you have had a C-section or natural delivery, your body needs a new form of exercise.  

8-Week Core & Pelvic Floor Includes:

  • 1 Private weekly for decreased pain, increased strength and more energy. 
  • A Personalized workout to strengthen your core and pelvic floor.
  • An 8-Week Reduce incontinence program.

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Professional Referrals:

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Pelvic Health Specialist:

Dr. Ashley Hocutt PT, DPT

Art Therapist {postpartum}

Dana Whiddon, LCAT: For art therapy