Welcome! We offer a very customized and personalized & customized experience at Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness to fit all price points. We specialize in the best exercises, nutrition and herbal remedies for women's health. We suggest beginning with one of our Introductory offers OR our complimentary 1-hr Action Setting appointment.

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New Client Specials

Private Introductory Pilates Offer

The perfect place to start!

Three private Pilates sessions plus an action setting appointment with Tara or Cindy. $199.

Wellness Introductory Special

One, 1-hr, health consultation plus a TG HERBAL tea {value $18}. $85

Interested in getting results? Sign up for our Complimentary 1- hr Action Setting appointment today! {We love talking to clients, Please enter your phone number so we can call you.  You can expect a call from Cindy or Tara within 48 hrs.}

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We offer customized packages to produce results.  These results are our greatest achievements. Choose 1, 3, 6 or 12 months or we can custom create a package to fit your needs!

Some Pilates packages include:

  • Core & Pelvic Floor with Tara Gregorio 

    • Includes Health Consultations to find a natural solution to your discomfort with botanicals
    • 6-Week Heal your gut program
    • A Personalized workout to heal postpartum and after pelvic trauma
  • Reduce Injuries Private Pilates

    • Personalized workout to reduce injuries
    • Fascial toning ball to release pain patterns
    • Bodywork session to reduce pain
  • Strong Bones with Kelly House 

    • Bodywork session for relaxation
    • Personalized workout to improve bone density
  • Tone & Lengthen with Breana Whitecross 

    • Personalized workout to reduce stress and tension
    • Bi-weekly food journal for a therapeutic diet to reduce inflammation
  • Reduce Injuries group class 

    • Weekly group Pilates workout
    • 1 Private Pilates session
    • Bi-weekly food journal for a therapeutic diet to reduce inflammation