“Tailors to my needs.”

I am so happy to have found Tara Gregorio.  Too much gardening (with too little attention to strength) had left me with persistent hip and lower back pain. Working with Tara regularly on Stott Pilates exercises that she carefully tailors to my needs is improving my strength and lessening my pain.  She is a total professional with a fantastic reservoir of knowledge about anatomy and the ways in which various muscles can be challenged to increase their strength. Even more importantly, her presence is calming and encouraging.  She helps you believe that with patience and work you can change your body”.

— S.B.

“Less shoulder pain!”

I highly recommend Tara's studio. You will find in Tara a knowledgeable and caring Pilates instructor.  I came to her with a shoulder injury and after working privately with Tara, I have learned to exercise the area and strengthen it.  She has been patient and right on target when working with me.”  – 

— N.L.

"Working with Tara is well worth that hard-fought hour I've bent over backwards to make for myself. I am not a 'fitness class' type person but Tara's demeanor and impressive knowledge of her craft steadily convinced me that her class is the best use of very scarce time.  I honestly rank it right up there with coffee in my toolkit of things that help me to be a sane mother. You know all that stuff with our bodies that we silently 'just deal with' after having kids...as if that's just the way it is going to be from now on? I'm not talking about aesthetics, I mean the real functional problems that you try not to let bother you but they do. Tara's classes have shown me that, even with very minimal time, even after giving birth naturally to three kids including twins, it is possible to restore yourself." 

— J.Z.


“The most relaxed.”

"Since Pilates, I've been the most relaxed in my whole life.  I can sit and read and not feel guilty about not being busy." 

— J.D.

“Greater mobility.”

“I’ve enjoyed taking both private lessons and group classes with Tara for almost a year now.  In her group classes I never feel like I get ‘lost in the crowd’ as I had in other places. Tara manages watch each and everyone of us in the class and offer modifications to the routine based on our individual fitness levels. In our private classes she has been able to focus on a shoulder issue I was having.  With her help the pain is gone and I have greater mobility than when we started! Tara also offers advice to help us live our best lives outside of her studio, as well.After just one class you can tell how dedicated to her craft Tara is.  If this is something you’ve wanted to do, I highly suggest coming to see Tara. You won’t be disappointed!!

— R.R.


“Personalized attention.”

“So happy I found Tara and her studio.  She is an amazing instructor, because this is not a big gym, she is able to give modifications based on your needs and personalized attention to avoid injury.  She consistently monitors everyone for form while class is in session.  It is so important for the person who is leading a class or pilates session to be knowledgeable and have your best interest and at heart. That is what you get with Tara.   The feeling of the studio is warm and inviting just like Tara herself. ”

— C.M.

“Patient and Supportive!”

“Tara is a FANTASTIC pilates instructor!!!! Through her patience, guidance and support I have developed a love for pilates and am currently pursuing my Stott Pilates certification. If you are fortunate enough to study pilates with Tara you will truly learn from the BEST!!!! She is not only a dynamic instructor, she is knowledgeable, patient, precise and truly a wonderful talented person! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to continue learning from her.”

— N.Z.