Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness is the now among the premiere wellness centers in New York. We empower women to find natural solutions to their pain through diet, movement, and botanicals. We offer the best exercises for postpartum and menopausal women as well as finding solutions to women's health discomfort through natural remedies.

Do you feel physical pain? Do you lack motivation to stay fit and healthy? Come to our studio. Our clients always say "I feel better than when I walked in." We want to help you experience that transformation in your life. 

Through Pilates and botanicals, guided by our well-experienced and certified instructors, we can guide you through your wellness journey. This is the time to make a better YOU.  See you at the Tara Gregorio Pilates & Wellness.


How would it feel to have a toned core and body? {and maybe a little less pain}.  Feel lengthened and toned in our private or group Pilates sessions. 

Strong Bones

Are you a woman who has been diagnosed with low bone density? You're unsure of the best exercises for your changing body.  Feel stronger, taller and more balanced with our private and group classes for osteopenia and osteoporosis

Pelvic Pow-HER

How would it feel to run, jump and laugh without having to run to the bathroom? You want to feel strong and confident.  Learn about Tara's Pelvic Pow-HER group workshop and her 8-Week Private Core & Floor Program to reduce incontinence and heal postpartum.  

Teas For Menopausal Symptoms


“I am so happy to have found Tara Gregorio.  Too much gardening (with too little attention to strength) had left me with persistent hip and lower back pain. Working with Tara regularly on STOTT PILATES exercises that she carefully tailors to my needs is improving my strength and lessening my pain.  She is a total professional with a fantastic reservoir of knowledge about anatomy and the ways in which various muscles can be challenged to increase their strength. Even more importantly, her presence is calming and encouraging.  She helps you believe that with patience and work you can change your body”. S.B.


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